Saturday, 4 February 2012

Dynamics CRM Excel dynamic spreadsheet not loading data

Users export CRM data onto a dynamic spreadhseet and no data is downloaded or displayed. I come across this quite often. Users specially women, change names when marry. when they go back to work, the first thing that happens is a request to change the name in Active Directory. This change will not reflect in CRM, and when exporting data to Excel, this will cause problems, the spreadsheet will use the current logon name and CRM holds the old domain logon name and this prevents data from loading.

A quick way to fix this issue, is to update the user domain logon name directly on the database, the following command will update the user domain logon name:

UPDATE SystemUser set DomainName = 'domain\new_user'
WHERE DomainName='domain\old_user'

Hope this helps. 

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