Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Dynamics CRM 2013 Email To queue - Sink Mailbox with Exchange Server-side Synchronization

In CRM 2011 if you want to set up a queue to receive all emails sent to a specific mailbox also known as 'sink mailbox' you needed to configure the email router to process emails for specific queues it was a manual process that had to be configured on two different components CRM and Email router.

On CRM 2013 using Exchange Server-Side Synchronization to set up emails to queue is a straight-forward process:

  1. Create the queue (set an email address)
  2. Configure the Mailbox (for server-side synchronization)

1. Create the Queue
Set the email address that you want to monitor for emails.

2. Configure The Mailbox
Configure the Mailbox for Server-Side Synchronization you also need to specify a working Server Profile
Note: the service account configured on the Server Profile must have impersonation rights for the mailbox we want to monitor

Check the Queue

Hope this was helpful
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  1. Hello Nuno,
    i'm trying to create a queue on crm 2013 with "Microsoft Dynamic CRM for Outlook" setting for incoming and outgoing emails ,but every time i try to save & close i got this error.

    " The incoming or outgoing email delivery method cannot be set to Microsoft Dynamic CRM for Outlook for a mailbox associated with a queue"

    I am using outlook for emails with CRM 2013(on-premises)
    can you please hell me what is the problem .

    1. Hi Umar,
      On the Queue Mailbox change the Incoming and outgoing email delivery method to:
      'Exchange Synchronization or Email router'

      Hope this helps.


  2. yes, for queue it does not support using Outlook Client as email medium.

  3. Hi Nunno,

    The email associated to the Queue needs to be an Office 365 mailbox?


  4. Hello Nuno,

    i set up a queue according to your post, using gmail with pop/smtp

    Everything worked find, emails will be send and i also see that dynamics is accessing my mailbox every five minutes via pop.

    The issue is, that new emails do not appear in the queue list. What can be an issue?


    1. I think i found the issue.
      If an email already has a contact, it appears, but if not, it does not appear.

      Do Queues only work with available contacts? Is there a chance, that emails wich have no contacts also appear?


    2. It works with emails which have no contacts..