Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Dynamics CRM 2011 Default Organization Bug

On Multi tenant environments Dynamics CRM 2011 contains an annoying bug related to the default organization which breaks a number of things in CRM.

On a multiple tenant environment user accounts are managed under the MSCRM_CONFIG database, SystemUserOrganizations table. CRM keeps track of users configured on multiple tenants including the DefaultOrganization. The default organization it's the organization the user lands by default when typing the URL without specifying the organization he/she would like to access.

The issue with the default organization is that each time you configure a user on a new tenant, the DefaultOrganization field on the database gets updated with a new value, and this value is not necessarily the tenant that you just added the user on, it rotates, and this causes a number of things to break in CRM:

  1. Help Server URL
  2. Web resources with direct calls to iframes
  3. Exporting Error Rows from an import job
  4. The administrator yellow bar alerting to assign user roles

To fix the problem, set the user default organization to the correct one.

You can use the following SQL query to find users default organization: