Saturday, 23 May 2020

Dynamics 365 Unified Interface performance tool

If you have complex forms with lots of custom javascript, the built-in Dynamics 365 performance tool will be very handy to analyse how long your form is taking to load.

It can show you in detail how long each function takes to load.

After loading the form, press ALT + SHIFT + Q then a small bar should appear on the top right corner, click on Page load and the full application will load.

The tool is incredibly useful to troubleshoot performance issues, if for some reason you can't get the tool to load add the &perf=true parameter to your URL and the tool should load by default.

You can maximize the window completely, see below an example with the tool maximized, I've clicked the green section under Custom Scripts and I can see my FormOnload function took 371ms to complete:

There is also a console which can display warnings and errors when clicking on the cog icon:

I hope this was helpful.