Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Dynamics CRM 2013 Email To queue - Sink Mailbox with Exchange Server-side Synchronization

In CRM 2011 if you want to set up a queue to receive all emails sent to a specific mailbox also known as 'sink mailbox' you needed to configure the email router to process emails for specific queues it was a manual process that had to be configured on two different components CRM and Email router.

On CRM 2013 using Exchange Server-Side Synchronization to set up emails to queue is a straight-forward process:

  1. Create the queue (set an email address)
  2. Configure the Mailbox (for server-side synchronization)

1. Create the Queue
Set the email address that you want to monitor for emails.

2. Configure The Mailbox
Configure the Mailbox for Server-Side Synchronization you also need to specify a working Server Profile
Note: the service account configured on the Server Profile must have impersonation rights for the mailbox we want to monitor

Check the Queue

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