Friday, 28 February 2014

Outlook 2013 disabling CRM client based on loading time

If you going to roll-out Outlook 2013 and you using CRM Outlook client you should be aware of a new feature enabled by default on Outlook 2013 which will certainly cause conflicts.

Outlook 2013 ships with a feature that can disable add-ins on-the-fly based on loading times. I found that my CRM client was disabled because it loaded in 1.8 seconds:

To avoid this happening and make sure that the "always enable this add-in" is enabled by default for the CRM Outlook client we can add a registry key with the CRM add-in name under a registry folder with name: DoNotDisableAddinList


The name of the add-in crmaddin.addin can be found on the below registry key


Hope this helps.
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